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Spiritual guidance and lesson about different types of spirit in life

Gary Hensel: Spiritual guidance and lesson about different types of spirit guides that help you in life

On this earth surface, every person knows how healing takes place. In his title Spiritual guidance, Gary Hensel teaches us how to understand more about what drives us and how we can achieve what we want to achieve. And to achieve those things in life, everyone will need some assistance or guidance from time in life. Here are lessons you can learn about some additional spiritual guidance in your life.

Guardian angels

It is important to know that every person has their own exclusively guardian angels in life. Your guardian angels dedicate their lives to helping you no matter what you go through. They love you unconditionally, and they don't choose your color, race, or spiritual beliefs. You can call on them for help anytime that you need them.


Some leaders are more powerful in the angel world than the others; these leaders are the Archangels. If you are sensitive to energy and you call on Archangels, you will feel the presence in the room. Each Archangel has a specific role. For example, Archangel Raphael is specializing in healing and can work with numerous people who call on Him at once.

Helper angels

When you go through life challenges, you will encounter challenges and problems at any time of the day, which will require a helper to assist you. Helper angels are freelance, and their work is to look out for people who need help when faced with specific situations in their life, life-solving a problem, finding new friends, and more. From Gary Hansel's teaching, it is important to be mindful of others and help them achieve what they intend to achieve in life. You can also become a helper angel to others who need your help by being mindful and doing the right things.

Departed loved ones

In life, people always looked up to their loved ones and emulated how they lived their lives. When some of those loved ones in our lives passed on when they loved us, they may choose to be one of your spirit guides and, from time to time, will actively support you from their heavenly dwelling place in practical ways like cultivating relationships in the best way possible how you may want or sending career openings. Any person who has gone to be with the Lord might become a spirit guide to you and help inspire you if you share certain things they were good at while they were alive.

Ascended masters

Some ascended masters like Mother Mary or Buddha were human beings before, and they lived journeys of profound spiritual growth and influence. They now have a special place as spiritual leaders globally, and they guide and teach humans like you. It is believed that all the ascended masters work in harmony no matter what part of culture or religion they were part of when they were living in this world.

Finally, it is essential to know that all the spiritual guides enter your life by sending signs called synchronizes. According to Gary. Hansel's teaching, spiritual guidance goes to do with just not being told what to do. You need to realize and be cautious of your surroundings and do what is right.


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