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Healing Through Awakening

"The most powerful healing force is within you."

That is a direct quote from a teacher, author, businessman, and social media influencer - Gary Hensel. Me.

I have dedicated myself to authoring books about awakening, mindfulness, and personal strength. I attempt to understand the world around us and convey my impressions and thoughts to others. My goal is to be able to encourage readers to experience their own personal awakening through healing.

Everyone has a different approach to healing. I attempt to convey my ideas on healing and awakening in ways that others can easily understand and put into action. Ultimately people become the books they read, and if they surround themselves with awakened and positive thoughts they will eventually be able to “mimic” or copy these thoughts.

Books of this type are not just books; they are experiences that give people the insight to understand how they feel and think. Most people find it difficult to heal. They cannot get over their past, and healing can damage further if not handled constructively. Learning new coping skills for healing is available for those interested in healing through awakening.

But what does it mean to be “awakened”? People that are awakened are mindful. They are influenced by the outside world and able to identify their own thoughts. They can marry their intentions to their actions and achieve the things they want in life. They understand what they want and know how to take control of their own actions.

Mindfulness can be learned but needs to be practiced, like the act of reading. It can occur through books, coaching, or simple contemplation.

Awareness is the ability and knowledge to focus on your inner process and experiences. Acceptance is the ability to observe and accept, not judge, and avoid. Mindfulness comprises these two key ingredients.

Many people today are reading things that are not helping them heal. They can begin to understand more about what drives them and how they can achieve things they really desire to achieve. We all want to be a little more aware and awakened, and it is within the grasp of each of us as we start healing and begin to work on ourselves.

Remember that what you can imagine can become real. Understand that you can achieve what you want to achieve. Don't get embroiled in negative thoughts or feelings that will keep you from your goal. The truth is that most people can achieve their desired goals but need to get healed from the negative feelings that put their goal out of reach.


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