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How to Unlock Your Inner Spiritual Warrior

A spiritual warrior lives life purposefully and avoids distractions of the past and worries of the future. Disappointments and giving up in life's chaos aren’t the way of a spiritual warrior. A spiritual warrior instead sees problems and pain as a challenge. He doesn’t take the pain and problems as bad luck. He accepts all the ups and downs of life as a lesson and never loses hope. He believes that achievements might be difficult to achieve but not impossible for a human being. Believing in true self and recognizing the goals is the basic principle of a spiritual warrior. He believes that a person can be destroyed and never get defeated. Here are some basic principles and ethics of a spiritual warrior.

Basic Ethics for Being a Spiritual Warrior

It is worth saying that a normal person takes things from two perspectives: that it is a blessing or curse. But a spiritual warrior takes all the things as a challenge.

Be Mindful

Being mindful or integrating mindfulness doesn’t mean doing meditations all time. It means to focus on the things you are doing and don’t overthink anything. Such as if you are cooking, then just cook, if you are eating then just enjoy your meal. Don’t let your past or future things divert your mind. Focus on the chores that you are doing instead of overthinking.

Make Your Inner Self Peaceful

Inner peace and satisfaction are key to being a spiritual warrior. Always take things positively. Take your deepest or darkest sufferings as a challenge and an opportunity to learn more about yourself. This will help you to develop your personality and become a better person. Working on your difficulties will develop patience with yourself. It also makes you humble and grateful for the things you have. It makes you believe that if you have inner peace and calm, then you can fight all the fears or any difficult circumstances of life.

Think Positive and Eliminate Negativity

This is something everyone should do. Indeed, we cannot control how to feel, but we can change our perceptions and understanding. Sometimes we get so judgmental and always see things as we want to see. A coin has two sides, so we should have dared to see things from all perspectives. This will help us to eradicate negative and unwise thoughts and cultivate positive and wise thoughts.

Overcome Your Fears

Fears can hinder your success. The only way to build confidence and overcome your worries is to do what makes you fear. This will develop your strength and help you to face everything with courage. So, make a routine and do everything that fears you. You can practice it daily in small phases. Such as if you are afraid of sharing your opinions at work, share them. Continue to practice instead of fear.

Pain cannot be ended, but you can prevent yourself from suffering. Take your pains as challenges. Always choose love over fear.


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