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Are You Sabotaging Your Self-Worth? Here Are 3 Key Warning Signs

We are now closing in on the end of a paramount year in human history. Yes, 2020 is rife with challenge and uncertainty—but it also contains seeds of exponential growth, potential, and discovery.

The question is:

Will these seeds grow?

If the World is to Change, This is What Will Change It

I believe it isn't politics, the economy, nor even a global pandemic that's going to stop the world's collective consciousness from expanding beyond what we ever imagined possible. Whether we as a species adapt and grow or stay stuck and perish is ultimately at the mercy of a different force altogether:

The force of the individual being.

Each and every one of us are pulling the level, one way or another, on our planet's future. And one of the most important factors influencing the direction of our impact is our sense of self-worth.

Self-worthy human beings act from love. Self-worthy human beings respect others—because they respect themselves. And because they have the power to change themselves, self-worthy human beings have the power to change the world.

We need you. We need you in your worthiness. Are you being your own saboteur?

I invite you to see if you can identify any of the following signs of self-worth sabotage. If any of these resonate with you, open the door to them. Invite them in so you can understand and start to make peace with them...just don't allow guilt or shame to follow behind.

3 Signs You Are Sabotaging Your Self-Worth

1. You Are Outsourcing Your Self-Worth to External Things The material world is a pleasure. But if you believe you matter (or not) because of the stuff you own (or don't), then your self-worth no longer belongs to you. You relinquish your sovereignty to THINGS—which are prone to break, become lost, depreciate, or simply lose their appeal. The temptation to "keep up with the Joneses" is a major red flag.

2. You Have Many Low-Vibrational Habits Are lower-vibrational habits a cause of low self-worth or a symptom? Perhaps both.

No matter what the correlation is, filling our time with low-vibrational habits degrades our self-worth over time. We gravitate toward low-vibrational activities because we no longer have the high-vibrational energy to draw us upward and closer to our potential.

Watch out for:

  • Excessive consumption of alcohol, junk food, or other substances

  • Excessive and mindless consumption of social media, television, and other media

  • Excessive complaining

  • A sedentary lifestyle

  • Ruminating on negative events from the past

  • Worrying about the future

  • Comparing yourself to others

  • Staying in a job you despise (or at least not making an effort to change your mindset about the job)

3. You Speak Poorly of Yourself I AM two of the most powerful words you can ever speak. They are also the most truthful, because whatever you say after—whether positive or negative—becomes your reality.

Listen closely to how you speak to yourself. Negative words are like awls poking holes in your self-worth. Instead, AFFIRM with intention.

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