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8 Steps To Creating A Better Version Of Yourself

Life is like a race, in which you must constantly strive and create a better version of yourself to face the constant ups and downs and overcome the obstacles that come your way. Thus, life is a constant challenge to be a better version of yourself, in order to achieve well-being and happiness; but how should you achieve this? Here, we give you eight pointers to help you do just that.

1. Accept and love yourself

The principle of respect for others is in respect for oneself. So it is important that you accept and love yourself, so that you can do the same to others and this includes areas such as: physical, mental, spiritual, and affection. In addition, you should give that same respect to the environment in which you live.

2. Do what you love

Identify and practice your passions. Avoid choosing a profession, a job or a life’s project because it is what gives financial gain or because of what others expect of you. Follow your hunches and your dreams and do what really makes you happy and fulfills you. Only then, will you avoid frustration and enjoy the activities you do; living your life on purpose.

3. Be consistent

Show yourself as you really are. Avoid contradicting your thoughts, words, and actions. Speak your mind and act in accordance with your ideas, convictions, values and beliefs. Remember that as long as you don't do anything that affects others in a negative way, you don't have to please anyone, but yourself.

4. Be grateful

If you focus on what you lack, you will lose the joy of enjoying everything you have. Focus on what you have and be grateful for what is in your life, be it good health, a family that supports you, a partner who loves you, a dog that welcomes you with emotion, friends who are there for you, a job that like it, and everything that fills your life and makes it complete.

5. Have an open mind

Having closed ideas takes you away from people. Learn to accept others with their diverse opinions and to consider points of view different from yours. Maintain openness to dialogue with those who are different from you, so you will have a broader view of what surrounds you and avoid judging or disqualifying others for their ideas.

6. Be optimistic

It is not that you have a smile on your face all the time or that you are happy with absolutely everything that happens to you, but that you learn to appreciate everything good in life. It's okay to be sad, angry, and frustrated, but the point is not to get stuck in those feelings. Take your time to get through them and then get back to your true self.

7. Be empathetic and tolerant

Like respect, empathy and tolerance start with you. When you stop being hard on yourself and judging and criticizing yourself for your mistakes, you have the possibility to do the same with others. Having empathy consists of putting yourself in the shoes of others to understand them without judging them, and being tolerant is respecting their differences with respect to you.

8. Practice altruism

Helping others and doing good without expecting anything in return is something that can fill you with satisfaction. Choose the cause that motivates you the most, be it orphaned children, the elderly in nursing homes, the disabled or sick, the homeless people or animals. Any of them are just as important and valuable. Join associations or groups of volunteers and donate time, money or skills to help. You'll see how good it feels; helping you to create a better version of yourself.


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