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Trusting the Person in the Mirror

The world is full of people that mean well, but whose actions don’t always reflect that intention. They say they believe in you, your power, and your possibilities, but in the end, their well-intentioned thoughts may not truly be the motivation you need.

When you wake up in the morning, the person you see in the mirror is the person who should really be your motivation. Each day, you start the day with limitless possibilities. But let’s be truthful. Is “limitless possibility” realistic? Absolutely!

You define your universe. Who you are is outlined by your cumulative life experiences. The people you meet, the places you go, the things you have done, even the types of food you eat, all combine to make the person you see in that mirror. Some experiences may be good while some are not so positive. Most of our lives are mundane repeated events and it is how you react to each day that helps you grow as a person.

Your feelings may color your actions. That doesn’t mean your emotions are wrong. It simply means that you need to recognize how you are making your decisions. Once you understand how you make decisions for yourself, you can develop confidence in your choices. Confidence in your choices leads to knowing you can trust yourself.

Believing in your ability to make good choices for yourself, will reflect through your actions. Those same actions towards yourself will ultimately lead to making good choices and trusting others. In turn, as you learn to trust your instincts when interpreting the world around you, you not only draw energy from the positive influences, but you radiate that same vibe to others around you.

Does that mean every choice you make, every road you travel is the best one for you and will end in a positive experience? Of course not. But life is not meant to be simply a collection of happy thoughts and events. Suffering is part of life because from suffering you learn. Mistakes are made. Real knowledge is gained through managing those mistakes and correcting your path.

It is this knowledge that gives you the wisdom to trust in yourself. It is this wisdom that allows you to see possibilities. Possibilities give you the strength and energy to see your way through challenges both every day and extreme. The belief and recognition of the possibilities in your life are manifested in the life you have led thus far. The result is trusting that person in the mirror.


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