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The Power Of The I AM

As we change our thoughts we change our lives. One of the most powerful ways you can create the life you want is through the powerful I AM statement.

Listen to the words you speak to the world outside, but also the words you are speaking in your head to yourself. Are you making statements like: I am poor. I am sick. I am lonely. I am unlucky. I am treated poorly by my boss, my friends, my family. I am never going to make the team. I am never going to win. I am never going to get better. What message is this sending to the universe? What message, and what kind of energy is this sending to the people in your life?

As we change these words we change our thoughts. With the I AM statement you are affirming your state. You are affirming who you are. I AM healthy. I AM loved. I AM lucky. I AM a winner. I AM really good at this. I AM talented. I AM attracting good things to my life. I AM abundant. I AM peace. I AM love. I AM whole. I AM beautiful. I AM blessed. I AM strong. I AM fearless. I AM enough. I AM here to change the world!

You create real power in your life when you combine the I AM statement with being in a state of gratitude. I AM GRATEFUL!

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