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The Journey Of A Lifetime

My name is Gary Hensel. I wrote the book "I AM" to help myself recover from Lyme disease.

My recovery from Lyme disease has been through the use of a natural, holistic protocol. This was after years of misdiagnosis from the medical community, and then ineffective traditional medical treatments. Out of desperation, I worked with several holistic doctors and developed my own protocol. It involves many natural products that come from the earth. As important has been the spiritual growth journey that I needed to undertake. The writing of this book has been the single most important part of my medical and spiritual healing.

I have always been a voracious reader. I have spent the last forty years reading great works in literature, science, spirituality, leadership, history and wisdom. I have consumed thousands of text written over thousands of years. Even before I became sick I was always yearning for answers.

I needed to find some reason for my illness. It had wiped out my life as I knew it. There must be a reason, a purpose. As well, I needed to have a purpose for my life as it was now. I realized I must heal inside and out. As I did, I knew that all great wisdom must be shared. It was that same kind of idea that lead me into teaching. A need to share, but more importantly a need to help people realize their own potential.

So this is my book. It's purpose. My purpose. My healing. My sharing.

I will try each week to open up more about my journey and my book.

Buy My Book Here.

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