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Spiritual Guidance

I Am: Spiritual Guidance and Inspirational Reading

I AM is a profound collection of spiritual guidance. Readers of I AM will be treated to Gary Hensel's collection of important, woke, new age thoughts and philosophy, which Gary Hensel has collected and considered over the course of five decades. If you're looking for spiritual guidance or inspirational reading, the best thing you should do is take a look at the information that has been presented by the greatest thought leaders throughout time.

I AM beginning with the understanding that no one has unique thoughts; these thoughts are profound and have been discovered before. That is never a bad thing. It's absolutely important for people to understand that things are cyclical, that wisdom that is profound is timeless, and that all the information they need has already been reflected upon throughout history. As inspirational reading, I AM is truly an important work; it provides timeless and critical spiritual guidance from virtually everywhere in the world.

Within I AM are thoughts such as:

  • Make your first and last thought of the day one of gratitude. People can consider what this means to them. It's not just a directive. It's an entreaty to really think about what is good. Many people find that thinking about something that is good in their life will make them feel more positive. Feeling more positive can bring upon more positive things. Many people lose focus and lose sight of what they can be grateful about and need a reminder.

  • If we come from an infinite and abundant universe, we must be abundant. People can feel tired and worn down or as though they have nothing left to give. But the acknowledgment that the universe itself is abundant can help people find untapped resources within them, reaching out to the rest of the world without reserve, and feeling less likely to feel and act fatigued.

  • What you can conceive can become real. People need to know that they are able to achieve what they want to achieve. Many people find themselves already thinking negative thoughts, or feeling as though they aren't able to achieve the things they really want. In truth, most people can do anything they want to do, but they just need to set their mind and their heart to it.

  • A man's character is his statement to the universe. People's actions matter. Actions are a vibration that are sent throughout the world. And if people are not displaying the person that they want to be to the universe, they may need to adjust how they are reacting to the world.

  • Your feelings are stronger than your knowledge. Many people find that they aren't following their gut, but that following their gut would ultimately make them more satisfied. Knowledge can change but feelings often originate from within.


These are things that the reader can think about on their own. It's not something that tells the reader what they must think. Instead, it provokes them to think and ingratiates them with profound thought. Individuals are able to read this and think about what it means to them, as well as what it means to other people. I AM, therefore, is one of the most profound and interesting books for spiritual guidance, because it's really a reflection of the self.

Of course, that doesn't mean that these are the objective interpretations of these thoughts. Everyone will interpret them differently. These are only examples of interpretations that someone might have. Contemplating how these things are correct or incorrect is what can guide people to their own personal truths. There are always people who will have differing opinions on these types of things; understanding the meaning behind wisdom is a personal experience.

People will get out of I AM exactly what they think they will get out of it, which can vary depending on the amount of energy that they bring into it. It's an experience as well as a book, and it's ultimately the culmination of 50 years of contemplation, thought, and wisdom.

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