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Spiritual Growth

Becoming a Spiritual Warrior and Finding Spiritual Growth with a Spiritual Journal

Spiritual growth is a long road. For many people, it's actually a lifelong journey. If you want to become a spiritual warrior, one of the key ways is to develop a spiritual journal. How can a journal help? Here's what you need to know about maintaining your spiritual growth and becoming a more independent, confident, and peaceful person.

Mindfulness through a Spiritual Journal

Spiritual journals make you more mindful. Develop the habit of writing in a spiritual journal every night. This will ensure that you think about the things you've gone through throughout the day, the things that you could have done better, and the things that you're very confident about and that you feel right about. Mindfulness is what helps you develop habits. Over time, you'll be able to find more about what you do instinctively, what you need to think about, and how you need to change to become a better and more-realized self. Mindfulness through a spiritual journal also makes it possible to take a look at your journal to find out more about your journey.

Becoming a Spiritual Warrior

What is a spiritual warrior? A spiritual warrior is someone who is able to move through any type of adversity, even the adversity that would feel to someone who was not as spiritually advanced. Spiritual warriors work every day to try to improve upon their own lot in life and others. They work to understand the world around them and themselves. All of this ultimately means that a spiritual warrior is amazingly resilient and able to recover very easily from things that would otherwise unsettle and unseat them. Many people want to be spiritual warriors so they can become more centered and less volatile.

A spiritual journal can help a warrior take a look at their journey and learn more about the way that they interact with the world. Are they able to respond to issues with resilience? Or do they find themselves reacting to some issues with levels of anger and frustration? Are there certain areas that they desperately need to improve? Or are there areas that they really excel in? All these things can make someone a better spiritual warrior.

Achieving Lasting Spiritual Growth

Anyone can be a spiritual warrior for a day. But spiritual growth can be difficult to make long-lasting. A spiritual journal can help people create sustainable growth rather than just temporary growth. It can help people really dig deep into themselves, explore everything about themselves, and ultimately find out more about what makes them tick. A journal is what makes people really contemplate who they are as a person and helps people develop themselves in the ways that they want to develop. Altogether, this leads directly to lasting personal development and self improvement rather than temporary growth.

Spiritual growth is always going to be a challenge. But if you want to become a true spiritual warrior, a spiritual journey can help. You can also take a look at the eBooks and soft cover books from Gary Hensel. Gary has studied the ideas of spiritual growth and spiritual warriors for many decades. As an author, he has been able to transfer this information in a way that others can connect to it.

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